62 Buckingham Gate


The Victoria district is undergoing a transformation to create one of the most exciting new commercial and cultural hubs in London. 62 Buckingham Gate, developed by Land Securities, is the gateway to this revitalized destination. The LSM-designed public spaces include the main lobby; situated on a prominent corner, this space opens up to Victoria and embraces the burgeoning neighborhood at street level, heightening the connection between the building and its urban surroundings. Every aspect of the lobby space - the transparent boundary, high ceilings, light fittings that span from inside to out, art works by Stuart Haygarth and Grayson Perry - enhances this connectivity. All public spaces in 62 Buckingham Gate evoke a similarly high level of quality and continuity of design that is established from the building’s first impression.



62 Buckingham Gate is poised to be a transformative destination, not only for the sophisticated office tenants that have secured leases in the building, but for the entire community

Ground-level public spaces invigorate the surrounding neighborhood, welcoming and drawing in the local community

The lobby space has become a forum for public gathering, with events that span the realms of art, fashion, technology, food and entertainment