Financial services firm Rockefeller Capital Management was established in 2018 as a relaunch of John D. Rockefeller’s family office – previously known as Rockefeller & Co..

With the formation of the new firm came the architectural challenge of creating a new office space that would express the company’s vision for its future and commitment to excellence, while evoking the prestige and history of the family name.

The project puts an emphasis on “transparency” of the business and access by maximizing daylight and floor to floor heights, introducing carved ceilings throughout the open office. The use of glass walls helps increate the transparency throughout the dense floor plan. Directly East of the Elevator entrance, visitors are introduced to the Conference center surrounding an outdoor terrace with seating, planters, and spectacular views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the iconic Atlas sculpture.



Utilizing the main building’s structure and highlighting the original architectural features was a driving force for many design decisions. All public space is oriented around the terraces.

The project team decided to keep most of the concrete and steel structures exposed as another way to remain structurally and architecturally authentic, establishing another connection to the original building. Special zones for open collaboration, like the café, are highlighted by exposing bricks from the original building construction.

The structural raw elements are juxtaposed with more refined and modern finishes to create a bespoke atmosphere that represents both the history of Rockefeller Center and distinction for RCM.

Peter Aaron/Eric Laignel